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About InnoTops

InnoTops focuses on innovation in the stone countertop industry. Our mission is to offer high-quality and well-designed countertop solutions that help industry professionals and homeowners to create and enjoy dream kitchens, bars, and bathrooms.

InnoTops was founded in Louisville, KY in early 2011. Our experience working in the industry with fabrication professionals helped us identify new and valuable solutions for countertops. We design all of our products with the needs of fabricators in mind. We also consider the needs of homeowners and their families when making new products.

All of our support brackets are proudly designed, manufactured, and distributed in the USA exclusively by Braxton-Bragg.

We chose to work with Braxton-Bragg because of their commitment to quality, speed, and affordability. Their “Better, faster, cheaper” motto is more than just a catchy slogan: it’s the way they do business. We know that our customers are going to have the best experience buying all of their products from Braxton-Bragg.


InnoTops – Innovation in the Stone Industry