Countertop Supports

Granite, marble, quartz, and concrete countertop materials need additional support brackets whenever the countertop edges overhang past the cabinet panels. Traditional supports, called corbels, can be expensive, unsafe, and even ugly. If you or your customer want an affordable, safe, and attractive support solution, look no further than our full-line of InnoTops metal countertop support brackets.

Our floating brackets stay out of the way and are nearly invisible, allowing homeowners to have dream kitchen, bath, and bar countertops, without the limitations created by corbels.

InnoTops currently offers 6 different metal support brackets, and deciding which type you need is simple.

There are 2 support bracket products for single-level overhangs (islands, peninsulas, etc):

There are 4 support bracket products for two-level overhangs (upper bars, breakfast bars, etc):

If you know how deep the overhang will be, how wide the countertop will be, and whether or not you have access to vertical studs, then you can use our calculator to determine the type and quantity of brackets you will need. Click here to use our Support Calculator.

Once you determine which products fit your needs, call Braxton-Bragg @ 1-800-575-4401 or order from them online.

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