Custom Supports: A Case Study

A good friend and fellow fabricator asked us how to support the countertop in this high-end custom design. Take a look below at the drawing.

This is a 2-level countertop with a 2×4 half-wall frame, the outside of which will be made of stacked stone, similar to the following:

We recommended that our friend use the new InnoTops calculator. We walked him through the calculator, and we will walk you through using it as well.

Question 1:

His answer: Two-Level Countertop.

Question 2:

His answer: Yes.

Our L-Brace and UpperBrace are designed for 2-level countertops that will have a sturdy 2×4 half-wall that can bare the weight of the countertop and any other weight put on the wall.

Question 3:

His answer: Not sure. His overhangs range between 14 and 24″. We suggested that he put in 14. Because the overhangs differ greatly on a half moon compared to a rectangle, we suggested he use the smaller overhang depth first, and then determine if the output works for this type of job.

Question 4:

His answer: 90.

Why 90”? When you review the drawing, you can see that there is a 24” dishwasher, a 36” sink-base cabinet, and an additional 18” sink cabinet.

Question 5:

His answer: 4.

It’s important to know where you can attach to the vertical studs because these supports give you maximum strength.

The Output:

Our answer: 4 L-Brace 10′s and 2 UpperBrace 10′s.

We would attach the L-Braces on the wall and the UpperBraces on the wings for support.

To accommodate for the half moon – you should use 2 L-Brace 15′s for the really long overhang section.

The Outcome:

This calculator gave him the right tools to plan this job, but more importantly, the countertop was installed successfully!

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