How To Make More Money

One reason InnoTops got into the countertop business was to provide new and innovative solutions for fabricators.  The reason ALL OF US are in the business is to MAKE MORE MONEY.  We’ve talked with our customers (fabricators/installers) and their customers (home/property owners) to find out the best way you can make more money and  provide more value.

SELL the I-Brace, I-Brace XL, and UpperBrace to the customer.

The best thing you can do to increase sales and value is to SELL the product to your customer.  We don’t simply mean bill the customer for the product, but find out what they want and need, and explain to them the reasons these products fulfill those desires.

Selling points include (but are not limited to):

  • Safety- Installers know that overhangs require support, but not all customers do. Nothing is more important than safety.
  • Aesthetic Value- Floating overhangs are both modern and timeless.  Customers will be able to enjoy their installation longer and have greater resale value with our floating supports than corbels.
  • Cost Savings- Cheap and ineffective corbels can cost from $50 and custom options run upwards of $500.  Show them the numbers, and let them decide which solution is better.

We conducted market research across different markets and found that customers are willing to pay anywhere between $35 and $100 PER BRACKET, with professional installation. That’s up to $360 in PROFIT on one installation by upselling the I-Brace! Increase the size of the order without increasing your efforts or costs.

SELL more square feet of countertop space.

The longer your overhangs, the more sq.ft. of stone you sell, period.  Customers can now have a superior overhang option that many would avoid because of their distrust/dislike of traditional corbels.

Homeowners prefer to choose our products because:

  • Corbels take up valuable leg space and reduce the useable area of the countertop by up to 30%.
  • Homeowners hate bumping their knees against intrusive corbels.
  • Kids hit their head against corbels, which can cause serious injury.
  • Most corbels are bulky and unattractive, and matching them with the cabinets is difficult and expensive.

On an average installation, you can sell an additional 6 to 10 square feet in overhang.  Add ANOTHER $350 to the order!  Increase the size of the order now, since you’ve already worked hard to earn the customer.

SELL the value of your craftsmanship to the customer.

We found that customer perception of fabricators increased when the fabricator installed the I-Brace. Customers felt like the fabricator was looking out for them. Give them a safe, good-looking, and high-quality installation and show them that you care by offering our support system.  The customer will be happy, and we all know that happy customers drive referral business.  In a highly competitive market, it’s important to keep build loyalty with your customers.

We hope that this guide helps you grow your business profitably.  We know that the key is to demonstrate and provide value to your customers, and that no one knows your customers better you do.  Please use this guide as a tool to enhance what you are already do best: service the customer.

At InnoTops, we value innovation.  If you have sold our any of our products in an innovative way please let us know at

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