One Large Island: Corbel-Free Floating Overhangs!

We had an installation recently. The island was big. Really Big!

The countertop is 110” x 50” and is a very dense, dark stone. The density of this granite makes it very heavy. We had to haul and install this big bad slab!

It took (only) six guys, including myself. Even though I took this picture, I did help with the installation! Luckily, we were able to get it into the house without any problems.

We used a long wood board to rest the countertop on between stops. The only way to carry 1,000 plus pounds of granite is to do it 10 feet at a time.

If you look through the sink cutout you can see that I-Braces have already been installed. Having floating overhangs was very important for this customer. She was an enthusiastic cook and wanted to be able to serve her whole family without worrying about their legs bumping up against corbels. Thus, we used three I-Braces to support her overhang.

Take a look as we set the countertop into place.

The guy in the picture is one of our installers. The founders of InnoTops are also countertop fabricators. We use our own products everyday. Take a look at this floating countertop!

Sweet! In order to install this countertop, we had to put the entire weight of the granite overhang on the I-Braces, and then slide the countertop onto the rest of the cabinets. The I-Braces were installed by attaching a 2×4 along the back of the cabinets and notching 3/16” out of the cabinet front. The brace installation was easy and the finished look is awesome!

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