Why don’t granite fabricators touch cabinets?

If you are looking for a new granite countertop, don’t be surprised when the countertop company says that they won’t touch your cabinets!  If you need additional supports for your stone, they may say, “You are on your own!” Hopefully they will recommend an outside contractor that can install corbels or InnoTops floating supports, but the real question is, why don’t granite fabricators touch cabinets?

Countertop companies are not carpenters or woodworkers…they are stone workers. Most installers are experts at installing very heavy stone without damaging anything (floors, walls, cabinets, stoves, ceilings, etc.). Granite weighs between 14 and 24 pounds a sqft. An island can easily weigh 1,000 lbs, so installers have a difficult task at hand. Keeping everything else safe can be more valuable than the money made creating the countertop itself.

The problem is not that countertop companies don’t want to touch the cabinets; it’s that countertop companies are worried about what could happen if their employees do something incorrectly and damage something expensive. It is not the installer’s fault if they have not gone through the proper training to adequately install countertop supports.

In most countertop companies, training is mainly conducted on the job when experienced installers train apprentice installers. Honestly, this isn’t a bad way to learn. There is no official manual, and every job is different, so installer work is best learned while on the job. We need installers to make mistakes (even though it usually costs an arm and a leg), because we know that help him/her become a better installer.

Stone companies know that stone countertop overhangs need additional support, so a problem arises because most support mechanisms are attached to the cabinets. Screw, bolts, cabinets, oh my! Countertop companies should not be afraid to touch the cabinets. They are the ones who are responsible for the integrity of the countertops, thus they should be responsible for providing the support. If you buy countertops from us, we will make sure you have countertops properly installed with InnoTops support products.

So, what should you do when your countertop company says that they won’t touch the countertop? Send them to this article. Or better yet, give them these installation instructions. Show them the product and how easy it is to install.

Click here to download the installation guide sheets for installing InnoTops support braces.

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