Window pass-through + UpperBrace = An entertainer’s dream!

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If you are remodeling an old-home and want to create more flow, or if you are designing a new home from scratch, the window pass-though is a classic way to create style and function between cooking and entertaining/dining areas.

At InnoTops, we know that the UpperBrace is perfect for a window pass-through. And what’s even better than a window pass-through? A window pass-through with more countertop space!

As fabricators, we have installed countless window pass-throughs, but most were installed WITHOUT additional support because the customers did not want corbels. Once the UpperBrace was created, our customers were ecstatic that they could have free-floating countertops and began requesting additional counter space like a 15” overhang!

It’s also important to note, that this installation was simple. It only took 2 UpperBraces, a few screws, and about 8 minutes of our time. When we show our customers their new window-pass-through, they tend to jump up and down and often kiss us!


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